I have been a patient of the Samimi Orthopaedic Group for over seven years now.  I have had two knee replacements and two hand surgeries.  I have found the staff to be the most professional of all medical staff I have ever been around: from Mary who takes care of all the appointments and insurance needs, to Chuck who takes care of all those patient needs that most offices would brush off.  When you get past these great folks you get to see two magnificent orthopedic surgeons.  Dr. Samimi Senior is the most complete doctor when it comes to ability, not only in the operating room but who takes the time to explain everything and leaves no stone unturned.  You also have Dr. Samimi Junior and the saying “the apple does not fall far from the tree” applies here.  Dr. Samimi Junior was involved in my last surgery and has very much the same demeanor as his father.  He is very skilled and also leaves nothing to chance.  I cannot imagine the thought of continued old age processes without the ability to see this group.  They have become very much a part of our family.

- Larry J.

Dr.’s Samimi – Father & Son,
I am extremely grateful for having such a great team of doctors taking care of me.  I have never seen such dedication to myself and other patients as I have experienced by you and your son.  I have to really let you know that I will be forever grateful for the care and attention I have received.

- Ricardo M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Samimi for the past 17 years. Dr. Samimi has taken me from a wheel chair bound Police Officer to a healthy walking retired Police Officer.  When I first went to Dr. Samimi in 1992 I was told by world renowned orthopedic surgeons that there was nothing they could do for my knees.  I was told my knee sustained too much damage and I was too young to have knee replacement.  Dr. Samimi saw me and gave me hope, he performed knee surgery and I was back full duty.  After several years and many more injuries my knee was so bad my partner literally had to take me to Dr. Samimi’s office in a wheel chair.  My quality of life was poor and hopeless, so I thought.  In 2007 Dr. Samimi performed a total knee replacement and I can now enjoy normal activities with my family and friends.  This Doctors office would not be complete without the outstanding staff, Mary and Chuck, who treat you like family.

- Debbie D.

I have been a patient with Dr. Samimi for approximately four years.  I have numerous orthopaedic problems, and the care I’ve received has been the best anybody could ask for.  Dr. Samimi performed my wrist surgery that was a complete success.  The staff surrounding this office is very cordial and helpful in assisting me with my ailments.  I hope for the continuing success that this office has to offer and thank everybody that has been involved with assisting me.

- Jeff